Web Games

Under the Crypt

A mix of dungeon crawling and tower defense with random levels and a supernatural theme. Originally created for Js13kGames this game is still being updated.

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Old clone of a popular puzzle game.

JS1K Demos

The following demos are (with few exceptions) attempts to create complete games in 1K of JavaScript and were all published on js1k.com. They were written with many hacks for the latest browsers available at the time and will likely break in newer versions.


SameGame clone with nice graphics.

1k Turismo

Arcade racer with procedurally generated tracks.

Christmas Puzzle

Sliding puzzle with a christmas theme and animation if solved.

Christmas Hanjie

Hanjie puzzle with a christmas theme.

Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble clone.


Spider solitaire clone with 1, 2, or 4 suits.

The Orion Trail

Reinterpretation of the Oregon Trail theme in space as a physics-based game.

Chime Hero

Guitar hero clone with procedurally generated music.

Heart Attack

Tower defense.

Winter Wrap Up

Pony-themed puzzle game similar to Sokoban.


Not a game but a simple sequencer with track sharing.

Parallel 2048

A clone of 2048 with two boards played in parallel.
Controls: either arrow keys and space or swipe and tap.

DS Homebrew Games


Board game similar to Connect Four.


Strategic board game.